Our Work

Enhancing economic opportunity, building healthy sustainable neighborhoods, and improving early childhood education


Fostering cradle-to-career educational opportunities

We are partnering with local schools to enhance early childhood learning access and working to develop additional educational partnerships and workforce development programs to improve the quality life for every resident in The Mill District community.


Providing safe, high-quality housing to area residents

We are devising strategies for offering assistance to legacy residents for homeowner retention, while also working to increasing homeownership rates and reducing instances of vacant and abandoned properties in The Mill District community.


Promoting healthier lifestyles through robust services and amenities

We are pursuing avenues to ensure access to quality health services, wellness programs, more green space, walking trails, healthy food, and quality retail options for the people living in The Mill District community.

The efforts of The Mill District are an attempt to realign the community values with better outcomes.

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The Mill District
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